Skardu Airport Arrival Guide

Begin your trip to Skardu with
a​ smooth arrival​.


Follow the exit signs or the sign displaying the baggage icon. These will lead you to the exit and baggage reclaim hall. Make sure you check the local time and adjust your watch accordingly.


Is someone picking you up or are you meeting someone in the car park? No problem! Just make a clear agreement on where you’ll meet in advance.

Is somebody coming to pick you up?

In the current circumstances, only persons travelling themselves or having travelled and airport staff are admitted to the terminal. People accompanying wheelchair users or minors can also access the terminal.

However, all this means that it is not possible for someone to come wait for you in the arrival hall. Ask your friends and/or relatives to wait for you outside at arrival lounge.

If you go home or to your destination with professional transport (registered car rental), they will also be waiting for you outside. They will pick you up outside arrival lounge.

Traveling Time from Skardu Airport

The airport is located:

  • next to the Gamba Skardu.
  • within 35 minutes from Skardu city
  • within 90 minutes from Shigar Town
  • within 40 minutes from Kachura (Shangrila)
  • within 150 minutes from Khaplu Town
  • within 5 hours from Gilgit city
  • within 7 hours from Hunza valley
  • within 3-4 hours from Deosai Plain

Reclaiming baggage

  • Know from belt you can retrieve your baggage
  • A correct customs declaration

Check the displays in the baggage reclaim area to see belt you can retrieve your baggage from. Are you arriving from outside Country? Remember to declare your goods when necessary.

Picking someone up

  • Waiting for arriving passengers should be done outside the terminal
  • Park your car close by in car park outside main gate

Plan your route in advance and allow enough time for delays, the airport is easily accessible by car and motorcycle.

From Skardu International Airport

  • Taxis & Car rental
  • You can depart to local valleys/ towns of Skardu, Shigar, Khaplu, Kachura (Shangrila), Kharmang, Gilgit, Hunza cities from the airport to various local and regional destinations. Renting a car? Easily arranged at the registered car Rental agency.

Taxi /Cab and Airport Transfer Services

  • Step outside the terminal and get instant access to postpaid taxi cab service.

    To facilitate the immediate transportation needs of the passengers,  Following companies can be contacted for reliable services:

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About Skardu

Skardu is the capital of Baltistan region and the tourist gateway to Karakoram Mountains including K2, Broad PaeakDeosai, Kachura lakes, Shigar, Khaplu, kharmang and Rondu valleys . Government recommendations for foreigners are to remain in tourist areas as security in remote areas cannot be fully guaranteed.

Some of the most important places to take in mind are Satpara, Jarba zhour and Shangrila – typical lakes-, Manthokha water fall -a very fascinating water fall-, Khanqah Moalla Shigar Mosque and gardens like Hashupi Bagh and highest cold desert, Shigar Cold desert.